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THRIVE Box of Happy

Tasked to improve pack recognition and create a TV campaign without the budget, Mbongiworks and Bonfire Media came up with a “big idea”. A giant Thrive Cereal Box that would make passers by happy.
The #ThriveBoxOfHappy invited people to
‘PRESS A BUTTON’ on the giant box to

To amplify the campaign, we created cost effective partnerships with EXPRESSO, Caxton and Mommy bloggers that got people on social media talking. To keep the momentum of the campaign going, we created a giant 16 Seater ‘Breakfast Bike’ that cycled the streets of Maboneng, as well as a tab on Your Family’s website dedicated to Start the Day Happy with Thrive, reinforcing the idea of Starting the Day Happy with surprising fun Thrive experiences that promote family bonding in a way that stands out from the crowd.

The #ThriveBoxOfHappy caught social media’s attention and trended no. 2 on Twitter, reaching over 1 million people and had over 13 million impressions.

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